An Urban region along the Swan river expanding north and south through a chain of lakes and swamps.  Nominally a Tuart, Jarrah and Peppermint country along the water lines, with vast areas of Banksia and Grass trees over the deeper beach sands. Climate tends to be mild to hot, with winter rains and tail of the northern summer tropical cyclones. An ideal climate to grow a divers range of plants , from sub tropicals ; bananas , pawpaw, mangoe to stone fruits  peach nectarine, and low chill pome fruits, apples pears and all the mediterranean types; tomatoes, citrus, . Perth typically has diurnal temperature change of between 11- 13 deg C, but Climate change has move the seasons, such that winter rains, are later, summer is more humid.

Design calls for responce such shaded outdoor living in summer, sun heating of interiors for winter.