Coastal Sand Plain


The Swan coastal plain is a vast area between the Indian ocean and the Darling range approx 60 km wide and 500  km long. Is it thought to be an ancient landform that was once the ocean floor ( Darling range being beach head). Thus the ground is fairly flat , predominately of Limestone on sand - not a lot of organic matter.

Over time colonisation by Peppermint, Tuart, banksia, grass trees, acacia and other Flora produced a thin layer of soil - but generally pretty gutless.

Being on the cusp of 3 regions Darling Range, Indian Ocean, South West and @ 32 deg south, it has the main characteristics of a mediterranean climate, with the added Summer humidity from passing cyclones. The Clearing of South west Forests and general global climate change has lead to reduced yearly rainfall of between 450 - 850mm.

The Design response is heavy over coat to back whilst open to the front, with lots of summer shade.