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An Urban metropolis founded in land on a the Swan  River;  multi-cultural and expansive.

Central Urban Business District with remaining areas zoned single house residential, 2 level commercial retail, or single level industrial

Noted for its Jarrah, Marri  and Wandoo forests, susceptible to bushfire with higher rainfall. Runs parallel to coast  approx 50 km  inland to   depth of 90 km rising  300m in elevation to the Wheat belt plateau.

A vast area of low scrub land, dryness, massive evaporation and high diurnal temperature differences. Rolling hills and vast expanse of blue sky.

A thin coast stretch of 50 km depth, xl  400 km length, bordered by golden beaches and Darling Range. Occasional river , estuary and swamps, surrounded by Tuart,  Marri, Jarrah and Peppermint Bushland forest, kept pleasant by “the Doctor” a regular sea breeze - an ideal climate for out door living

Western Australia has a unique climate, landscape and heritage.

We set out , as australians,  to understand how to live sustainably in this ancient land in a modern way.

The following are regions we have worked in - it does not include the Goldfields, Deserts, Kimberly or Pilbara yet!.

Surrounded by ocean on 3 sides, with typical dry summer mediterranean climate, on hilly terrain. peppermint, Jarrah and Karri Forests High.  Winter rainfall and cool conditions inland

A vast coastal maritime area, with frequent light showers and coolish  mild days.

Rugged terrain with unique Flora and Fauna, beautiful blue beaches.

current projects in these landscapes

projects that only went to concept design

projects designed but  as yet unbuilt.

projects designed but  as yet unbuilt.